Welcome to @Our_London_Home

A 1920s renovation of a London, ex-council home.

“On most estates, house were provided with a generous size garden to encourage the tenants to grow their own vegetables, a privet hedge at the front and an apple tree at the back.”– The history of London council housing

About us

Where it all began...

We received the keys to our home in December 2018. We have since added a loft conversion and are in the progress of a full renovation and rear extension build. We didn't plan to do as much as we have (or at least I didn't think so) but we're enjoying the adventure.

where we're going...

Doing as much as we can ourselves means that the renovation takes longer but we're saving a lot of labour costs. We're not putting ourselves under pressure with deadlines but hope to finish summer 2020 when the house will be finished on a smal budget but hopefully to a high standard.


Since documenting my renovation on Instagram, I realised how hard it is to constantly see pretty homes show in my feed. I started @MyDailyRenovation as a community to join people who need support during their own projects and to showcase the best dusty photos that are out there!

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Only products that I have tried, tested and love will make it to this page. If you have seen a great gadget on my Instagram or a feature in my home, find the information, cost and links here.

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Living room

Loft conversion


Working with me

I have worked with many brands through the course of our renovation to share my experience of products and services with the people who trust my opinion. Whilst the majority of my content is organic, I welcome discussion and collaboration with brands relevant to my content and which my followers would appreciate seeing.