Reducing dust in a renovation

How to reduce dust in a renovation home

...Living in a renovation can be tough at the best of times but trying to find the balance between work and home can be made harder when you are spending more time cleaning than you are renovating. So here are the steps I've taken to reduce the spread of dust.

Door mats

Door mats
"Defense is the best form of attack"​

Door mats aren’t just for the front door, place one at the entrance to any finished rooms too. Although you start off with good intentions of removing shoes, there’s always something that you need to “pop in” for and a good door mat will trap any debris.

Door covers
Door covers
"Dust is easily blown into gaps"​

Door guards are a great way of closing off certain areas from the unfinished part of the house. They’re a tight seal around the edge and simply zip up to close the dust out. They’re great for when you don’t have doors yet and still more effective once you do. Pair them with the door mat for a truly dust proof environment!

Airborne dust
Airborne dust
"Work smarter, not harder"​

Even with the best defenses, dust will still fly through the air. To reduce the risk of dust and breathe a little easier too, spray the dust with water before sweeping it up. The water will turn the dust into a more solid form and weigh it down.

Just be careful near exposed electrics!

Protecting yourself
Protecting yourself
"Wear a good dust mask!"

If you’re working in a dusty environment you need to protect your lungs as well as your living spaces. A lot of materials you will use in a renovation will be toxic if inhaled (insulation is an example of this). Wearing a mask will save your lungs but will also make the whole task a lot more bearable.

Top tip: I wash my GVS mask in Zoflora to remind me what it’s like to have a clean home!


  1. Sarah

    I also invested in an air purifier early on in the project (thank you Amazon daily deals). I mostly keep it in the bedroom so that when the rest of the house is being demolished – I mean renovated – at least there’s something pulling that dust out of the air and safely trapping it. Gotta get me some door seals though!

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