10 items you didn’t realise you’ll need when moving into your renovation

When you move into your renovation, you'll have an idea of the things you'll need- kettle, dust sheets and a hammer are probably among these. But have you considered these 10 items?

We asked the @MyDailyRenovation community what their top unexpected items were when they moved into their renovation. Some of them are gold!

BBQ/ Slow cooker

10. BBQ/ Slow cooker / Counter top stove
Takeaways and junk food will be too tempting...

Renovations are already difficult, don’t make them harder by being hangry or divulging in junk food too. Make sure you’re stocked up on things which have a longer shelf life like tins of veg. A slow cooker can be a great fuss, free way of preparing a hearty meal and some supermarkets even have casserole vegetable packets ready to be thrown in. My Instagram page has a highlight for fuss-free renovation meals.

A barbecue will also be a good way to cook delicious food. Some skewers with vegetables, halloumi, or meat is an easy, clean meal with little washing up.

Head torch
9. Head torch & temporary lighting
Make sure you can see the renovation hazards

Moving between rooms which are likely to have a lot of hazards with missing floorboards or tools on the floor is hard enough without not being able to see where you’re going. A head torch will let you see where you’re going without having to scramble around in the dark to plug a spotlight in.

We’ve also put these cheap motion sensor lights around our house which are battery operated. they don’t come on during the day but will light up as you move from room to room. They’ve been brilliant in places like under the stairs and for when guests are staying and don’t know where all the lights are.

Flip flops/ slip on shoes
8. Flip flops/ slip on shoes
Make the nighttime trips to the bathroom easier

Very straight forward. When you’re out of the bath and need to make the run across floorboards, rubble and sand to get to the bedroom, slip on shoes (dare I even suggest crocs?!) are a saviour! They’ll give you something sturdier than slippers. But remember you have less protection in flip flops so try not to work in them too much (as comfortable as they are!!).

Shoe covers
7. Shoe covers
Don't be tempted to run into finished rooms with messy shoes

Just as you start to get your first room finished, you will promise yourself that you won’t EVER go in there with your dusty clothes on. That will likely change, especially when that one tool you need, as your partner is balancing plasterboard above their head, has been left in that room. Getting some shoe covers will let you quickly slip some covers on and run in without treading dust through the room.

The shoe covers also double as a great hair protector! Renovation dust WILL get into your hair and whether it’s innocent dust from rubble or harmful dust like cement and plaster, both can dry out your hair and do a lot of damage. Wearing a hair cover might not be the latest fashion trend but it will mean you don’t have to wash your hair every day and will also stop it from drying out and splitting.

Table cloth
6. A vinyl table cloth
You'll use temporary surfaces more than you realise

Now this is a funny one but one that I really can’t recommend enough! You wouldn’t expect something which is so often to be used as a finishing piece to be so useful when you’re renovating- but trust me.

Our kitchen was the first thing we bought for our renovation and the last thing to go in! When you’re living without a kitchen you need it to be as easy as possible to prepare meals. We set up some scaffold boards as our work surface and they’re impossible to wipe down. Throw a table cloth over them and everything will be so much easier to clean and keep crumbs to a minimum. Which brings me onto my next item…

Want to know the unexpected items which made it into our top 5?


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