Makeover your room for less than £80

Adding a few key assets to your bedroom can be a great way to freshen up any bedroom. Giving it a totally new and stylish look without the extra cost, time and mess painting and starting from scratch.

There are tons of ways to get a high end design on an affordable budget, and here we have chosen the key finishing touches which contribute to changing a room from ordinary, to extraordinary. The bed is the main feature of most bedrooms. placing a tussled throw and a cushion on it can automatically pull the eye from the bed into the accompanying decor around the room. 

If you’re not quite ready to paint your room, adding hanging planters, art and photo frames is the best way you can break up a large space and see how you feel about new tones before making a larger commitment.

The links below are not affiliate. All items can be found at Matalan which I have chosen as it is a reasonable and accessible high street store.

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