Top 5 items you didn’t know you needed for your renovation

So far we’ve kicked off the start of our top 10 list for the items you didn’t realise you needed for your renovation. Here, we continue, bringing you our top 5 as voted for by the @MyDailyRenovation community!

Food containers

5. Food containers
Keep unwanted guests away...

Unfortunately, with floorboards removed and kitchens unfinished, it’s a given that most of us will have mice along the way. Prevention is way better than cure when it comes to mice. No one wants to kill the little things but they can cause you a lot of problems like biting through cables.

Make sure that any food like biscuits, cereals, rice, chocolate, bread are all away in a storage container. You’ll be surprised how high mice can climb so don’t just rely on putting them on a shelf. I bought these cereal containers as well as an under-bed style storage caddy for things like crisps and bread.

Additionally, it might be tempting to scoop food waste up and put it with all the building rubble or a stray carrier, but this will attract unwanted vermin. Try and have a bin with a lid from the very start.

4. UHT Milk and a travel mug
Make sure you can see the renovation hazards

It’s likely you won’t have a kitchen for a little while and so if you don’t have a fridge, or if like me the fridge is a couple of floors away from the kettle, then UHT milk will come in so handy! I order these cartons from Amazon and they save so much waste of having to buy a fresh milk every couple of days.

And another really important one for the tea/ coffee lovers… a travel mug!! There will be so much dust and debris flying through the air and not only is it not good for you, it will ruin that cuppa that you’ve worked hard for! Get a travel mug, give the lid a wipe and enjoy your brew! (I learnt the hard way with this one!… check out that clump of wood that fell into my tea that I spent so long preparing!!)

Flip flops/ slip on shoes
3. Clothing rail
If it touches the floor, it will probably need another wash!

If you’re like I was and will still be going into the office when you first move in, this one is another important one for you! You may think that you’ll be happy to keep your clothes folded in a pile but you’ll be looking for something and suddenly everything will be covered in dust. Invest in a cheap (but heavy duty) rail to keep all your clothes out the way!

Shoe covers
2. baby wipes
More handy than you realise!

Who doesn’t realise the uses of baby wipes?! Wiping down your face when you’re taking a coffee break, cleaning your hands to prepare lunch when your water is switched off, getting the dust off utensils. You’ll rely on these bad boys!

Table cloth
1. Blankets, dust covers and door sheets
You can't have too many!

When you’re moving into your renovation you may start down sizing your belongings, but don’t throw away any old towels, blankets, duvets etc… They will come in very useful to block draughts, save paint from dripping on floors and to cover the belongings you’ve had to move in with you and don’t want to be covered in dust!

We wrote another post on Taking Cover To Reduce Dust which is well worth a read to get some handy tips about how to help prevent dust further!

And there you have it, our top 10 items you might not have thought you needed before you move into your renovation! For those that have already done it, is there anything else we missed that you'd recommend?


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