Capturing your renovation on Instagram

Using Instagram is one of the best ways to capture your journey to share with friends and family, but it's also vital for looking back at how far you've come with your project.

Capture the action

Capture the action
"Show the journey, not just the destination"

The beauty of Instagram is its flexibility to use both videos and photos. Using time lapses or videos on double speed is a great way to show all the hard work that goes into the final shot rather than just the end point. Most phones are capable of time lapses these days but be careful how long you leave one for as they can get hot and turn off.

Timelapses, like this one taken on my KitVision action camera can be set at any time interval (from every 1/2 second to every 1 minute)

Set the scene
Set the scene
"Remember to show the wider picture"

When sharing photos of your progress, it’s great to provide context too. Don’t always assume that the people you’re talking to have followed your journey since day 1. If you’re showing your current progress on a room, show how it first started out to. If you’re talking about a feature, consider taking a photo from a wider angle too so that people can see how it sits in your house.

Floor plans, visuals and 3D designs are always great to show the space you have too. This way your audience can understand how you use your space and visualise it all much better. I used Home.By.Me to create the visuals shown here. It’s an online tool which is free to use and is an amazing way to show people where your project is going as well as play with different ideas yourself.

"Using templates can make stories exciting and give ideas for fresh content"

On @MyDailyRenovation, we’ve created lots of templates that you can download here for free. Examples of these can be GIF challenges, ‘Which would you rather’ quizzes or ‘Get to know me’ questions. Whether you’re using a template or not, stories can be a really great way to recap the journey so far.


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